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7 must-have magento 2 extensions for retailer business

There’s no doubt that E-commerce are now the hottest trend for any businessman to invest their money in. Come with online business, many E-commerce services have developed to make a better place for both sellers and customers. Among those services, Magento are slowly take position of the most succesful extensions providers all over the world.

With the support of many partner like : Magestore, Krish TechnoLabs, eWave, Wagento Creative,etc.  Magento has now become the most powerful retailer method to a large number of E-commerce retailers and developers. So, what is the most important magento 2 extensions that you must have if you are planning on going online? Check out the 10 extensions below.

  1. Magento 2 One Step Checkout

This extension allows you to fully optimize checkout process of your store. To make it easier for customers on purchasing product, One Step checkout gather all checkout information that needed in a single page like: shipping address, shipping method, order review, gift messages, gift wrap,etc. One Step checkout extension was developed with the aim of helping store owner get order information faster and reduce time spend on checkout of customers. More than that, store owner can edit content of Terms and Conditions popup in backend design.

  1. Inventory Management extension

Inventory Management is said to be suitable for small and medium online businesses kind. This extension will remarkably saves your budget as it keeps the messy stock under control with only few clicks. For more detail, Inventory Management helps you optimize UI/UX design with the ability to integrate with other exensions. Moreover, warehouse management and stock management is what exactly IM do best,you can view and edit warehouse by yourself. Beside that, many functions related to stock process like: stock transfer, physical stock-taking, stock adjustment, low stock alert are avaiable.

  1. Magento 2 POS extension

Magestore is the first developers providing Magento 2 POS Extension for retail system. Magento 2 POS will help your customers have quick, smooth and accurate order processing with these advantages: checkout fast and accurately with technology of Knockout JS, quick and secure process payment at ease with multiple payment methods, connect with other extensions to strengthen your retail system power and make your customers happy.

  1. Magento 2 Gift Card extension

Gift Card extension works as a system providing gift card or certificates’ templates for your store to give them to customers. Gift Card Extension offers store owner to choose perfect eye-catching gift card template among the 3 samples. It also creates unlimited gift card forms with different prices then allow store owner to set price with these modes: fixed price, price range, price dropdown. Gift Card extension can integrated well with most themes, templates and checkout pages.

  1. Magento 2 Affiliate Plus

Making money online then you had to know about affiliate program, Affiliate extension come with the aim of setting up one for your store. With only standard version of affiliate, you can set commision, discount and payout easily. Beside that, your store management will not a problem because of banner and link management system. Want to pay fast? Ok with Affoliate Plus: Pay per sale, Paypal Mass Pay, Multiple Payment methods, all in on in this extension.

  1. Reward Point Magento 2

May be you don’t recognize but having loyalty customers in hand is the most important priority. Reward Point for Magento 2 should be installed to “keep in touch” with your customers and call them back sometimes. All reward point would be set, customers would get them, your store would manage rate for earning and spending these kind of currency. You can also control it easily by importing and exporting information to CSV File.

  1. Store Locator Magento 2

Your store couldn’t be too hard to find, it should have detailed guide on map, Store Locator will help you. With nice and friendly interface, each of your store will be filtered by tags: product line, style,etc. Customers can check distance, zipcode and state to find out which is the nearest store. Far more than this, all the information that customers need about your store: images, open time, special days, specials sale,… they can find them on facebook with comment box too….


Don’t forget to check out those amazing extensions for your store if you are using Magento or even planning on building store with Magento. Your business has never been easy and perfect with technology. We just need your idea and your passion to take action!


9 Things to avoid when starting online business

Success and achievement abstract business concept: red arrow over deep crack isolated on white background

  1. Having high hopes and false expectations

People often get into the business with a lot of excitement and expectation, picturing the day their business success. However the truth is the more delusional they are, the more likely their goal will fail. Bear in mind that over half of small businesses fail within the first three years because of unthorough planning and underestimation. Building up a profitable and successful company takes a lot of hard work, continous effort and patience.

Running a business is not like you are having a day out, just hanging around, it requires a great deal of commitment and time investment. Your timeline has to be carefully planned in days and even re-written multipe times until the best possible outcome is achieved.

Talk to some entrepreneurs who have reached something close to what you want to achieve. Ask them for advice and experiences paying highly attention. Then ask yourself if you’re prepared for your own version of that.


  1. Not actually thinking about the overall SEO strategy

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results , the higher ranked on the search results page, and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. Therefore SEO is one of the most powerful tool to bring more customers to you or at least tell them about the existence of your business. SEO brings targeted traffic to your site daily once you have done it properly, unlike Facebook or other social networks, which depends on the fact that you are continuing your implement or not.

SEO takes time and effort to show its actual effect, it is not something you can expect immediate results from. This is the reason why you’d better set a decent overall strategy right at the early stages of your business before it becomes a afterthought. If you can list out top 10 keywords you are trying to target in the long time right now, it means that you are going on the right track.

  1. Refusing to be different

As a person who is doing business, you must always be aware of your competition, marketplace is where you can be overshadowed anytime by other competitors if you are not trying hard enough to create something distinctive for your own company. Customers never run out of options and in order to get more clients, you have to  attract more potential customers, you have to give them the reasons to choose your products over a wide range of other offerings.

Safe ways rarely work, in fact it can become a disadvatage. You just cannot jump into some popular topics and mimic what other bloggers are aiming at. Shopper won’t take a look at your product when it is just like something they have seen before.

  1. Underestimating the importance of About or Contact page

Many store owners make the mistake of underestimating the sales potential of their About page. Take a look at your own analytics and you’ll find your About page is in the top three most visited page. Visitors go to website and all they care about is an overview of your business which is supposed to be clearly stated in your About Page. Even though this is one of the most important pages for your visitors, many new online merchants tend to skimp on this page.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make on their About and Contact pages:

No Story – Who exactly are you? How did your store come to be? What’s the story of your products? How are they made? You don’t need to create an detailed story, however, a few paragraphs that store visitors can relate to are surely helpful.

No Location Details – You may think that since you’re an online store, an address may not be necessary. Thus the truth is many visitors still want to know where you’re located and where your products ship from. For many visitors, it’s a matter of trust, for others they want to know if they need to consider customs and duties if your products ship from another country.

Using A Generic Email Address – Gmail is great but that’s not helping your business. So many times merchants are guilty of using a generic, throwaway email address. Customers will feel like this email comes from a random person, which is not really reliable. Take the time to set up a proper domain name ( and set up proper email addresses to gain trust your customers

  1. Giving little attention to web layout or logo

A logo is usually the first thing a visitor sees and one of the first impressions of your online store. Most if not all ecommerce platforms will display your shop title in standard text if you don’t upload a logo yourself, but this isn’t good enough.

So why do so many people launch stores with no logos?

Usually it’s because most people still think that in order to get a logo made, they need to find a designer and spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. The fact is though, this isn’t true. Far from it. There are so many options available now for creating a free or very inexpensive logo that there’s no reason your shop should be using a default text logo.

  1. Taking free path in social marketing

It is undeniable that social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become some of the most effective and popular marketing tools available today. All potentially successful online business should have at least one social media profile or page created, actively updated and made certain interactions with visitors/ followers. However, do not mistakenly assume that you can use social media brand pages effectively for free.

Take Facebook, for example. While it is free to create and publish a brand page, making that more outstanding than others, boosting exposure to the page is going to cost a lot of money. New businesses that have not built a massive customer base yet will need to spend the most money on Facebook advertising and social media marketing in order to generate the type of results expected from their efforts.

  1. Not using your hosting

If you are still new to online business, setting up a blog using Blogger, WordPress or some other free hosting services is not a bad idea at all. It can help you gain experiences before actually jumping in the field.However, once you decide to take your business seriously, those are not a good choice anymore. Running an internet store using a domain like seems like a very unprofessional and untrustable business from customers’ perspective. A web hosting of your own is a sign to shoppers showing that you are now ready for a serious and well-prepared business.

Go to the right place, and purchasing your own domain and web hosting isn’t complicated or expensive. You can buy both from the same company – and get online with a few mouse clicks – for a few dollars each month without a contract.

  1. Not asking for help from professionals

A successful business means that you have strong connections with many other people. No one can succeed alone. You need other people to help you sail that ship. Your customers are people, your suppliers are people, your service providers are people. Most importantly, you need support from other entrepreneurs who are at similar stages as you are, and from others with more experience. Whenever you find yourself land in an impasse, look at others and you’ll realize that they’re all facing obstacles just like you’re facing. If you insist on figuring out eveything on your own, spending hours each week on non-money making tasks, such as fixing annoying tech issues with your website or mailing list. You end up scared, overwhelmed and lost, and frustrated at the poor outcomes. Meanwhile, sharing your struggles and goals, and review your progress is a simple but powerful way to help you proceed your work more efficiently and smoothly. This assures you that you are not alone and  can even become a motivation for you to keep going on.

  1. Messing up with your system

Another hidden trap that can pose a potential threat is simply not investing enough money in the technology used for the business itself. Keep in mind that technology is the root of an online business. An smart up-to-date system can help you optimize the work rate. Although it may create a dent in the bottom line figures upfront, these short-term expenses will boost productivity – allowing employees to do more work in less time. You need to be on top of your systems and you need to make it very easy for your customers to pay you and to do business with you. Whether these devices are used to satisfy customers, fulfill orders, there is no drawback as long as they are used effectively and in the best interests of the business.

Time management tips for retail managers


Having a job as retail manager is something to be proud of. Taking this job, however, means being put under a lot of pressure. The title may be too small to include all the other things you have to do besides store manager, from salesperson, stock clerk, cashier, accountant, in-house psychologist to employee-conflict mediator. You find yourself being tangled in a hundred different directions at once and struggling to figure out how to cut down an hour’s worth of work into just half an hour’s time. Things will flow more smoothly when you can start each day being clearly aware of what needs to be accomplished today and making sure that everything is still under contrlol. Effective time management becomes one of the key solutions to this kind of trouble.

Top 5 Time Management Tips

  • Prioritizing :Start every week or even every day, by listing out all the work and personal tasks and putting them in your time frame. Now the more important thing is to prioritize the items on your list, indentify which needs tackling first, which comes later. If you don’t get them all done, at least you got the more relevant.
  • Specializing : A proper destination is also a kind of motivation. Setting daily sales goal is a great way to start a business day. Then give everyone you’re working with their own sales goal. By this way, you can speed up the process and also focus on your primary job : sales building
  • Cultivating:One of the most typical time-wasters is answering the same trivial questions over and over again from subordinates : “Where does this go?” “How much is this?” “How do I ring this up?” Such things coming up means you haven’t trained your employees adequately.The way out now is to make time for staff training in your weekly to-do list until all of them can catch up with the cycle.
  • Zoning :Email, phone calls, social network updates and things like that can take away from you quite a great amount of time to  deal with. Instead of making immediate reply to such things whenever they come up, just simply schedule a certain time each day to respond all at once and stick to it. The point is setting time for each job category rather than trying to face up everything simultaneously and end up in a mess.
  • Reviewing :People will be likely to work more effectively and take more responsibilty when they are rewarded and recognized. Be sure you make time to praise your staff and show your acknowledgement towards them. This can also reduce their stress and burden at work mentally. Even if they’re on commission, your employees still need to hear you say, “You did a great job, and I appreciate your hard work.”

Seizing control of your time requires changing certain aspects of your habits and attitude, that can be uncomfortable.

But if you can practice these five time management tips routinely for a while, you’ll find that you are improving the performance of the whole operation – and guiding it profitability with less stress.