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Magento inventory is one of many products of Magestore


Who we are

Founded in January 2010, Magestore has rapidly developed to an expert in delivering ecommerce solutions using Magento.

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With more than 15,000 customers globally, Magestore has proved itself to be the best-in-class solution in e-commerce space. Our core value lies in excellent and dedicated staff- who continually come up with new ideas, release original products of high quality to meet customers’ current and future needs.

The basis of our operations and the key to our success is the level of customer satisfaction. We exert ourselves to support customers in the shortest time, guarantee a 24 hours email support and free bug fixing.

 What we do

We love our job of developing and providing sale-driven Magento extensions. Visiting our store, you will find a wide range of modules covering every demand of a web-store at high quality and reasonable prices.  They are powerful tools assisting your Site Management, extensions for better Customer Experience, Revenue Drivers and so on. We define our utmost goal as bringing about the most trusted solutions to grow your online businesses and make your sites better.

Once working with us, you will also enjoy the excellent support and after-sale services. We provide free lifetime support and update, as well as offer 30-day money back guarantee without any questions asked. Our developers always work hard to help you solve all problems, make sure our extensions run perfectly on your sites and bring to you the most satisfaction.

This website:

This is the special website for Magento inventory. Here you can discuss all features of this product. Hope that you all satisfy us.



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