7 must-have magento 2 extensions for retailer business

There’s no doubt that E-commerce are now the hottest trend for any businessman to invest their money in. Come with online business, many E-commerce services have developed to make a better place for both sellers and customers. Among those services, Magento are slowly take position of the most succesful extensions providers all over the world.

With the support of many partner like : Magestore, Krish TechnoLabs, eWave, Wagento Creative,etc.  Magento has now become the most powerful retailer method to a large number of E-commerce retailers and developers. So, what is the most important magento 2 extensions that you must have if you are planning on going online? Check out the 10 extensions below.

  1. Magento 2 One Step Checkout

This extension allows you to fully optimize checkout process of your store. To make it easier for customers on purchasing product, One Step checkout gather all checkout information that needed in a single page like: shipping address, shipping method, order review, gift messages, gift wrap,etc. One Step checkout extension was developed with the aim of helping store owner get order information faster and reduce time spend on checkout of customers. More than that, store owner can edit content of Terms and Conditions popup in backend design.

  1. Inventory Management extension

Inventory Management is said to be suitable for small and medium online businesses kind. This extension will remarkably saves your budget as it keeps the messy stock under control with only few clicks. For more detail, Inventory Management helps you optimize UI/UX design with the ability to integrate with other exensions. Moreover, warehouse management and stock management is what exactly IM do best,you can view and edit warehouse by yourself. Beside that, many functions related to stock process like: stock transfer, physical stock-taking, stock adjustment, low stock alert are avaiable.

  1. Magento 2 POS extension

Magestore is the first developers providing Magento 2 POS Extension for retail system. Magento 2 POS will help your customers have quick, smooth and accurate order processing with these advantages: checkout fast and accurately with technology of Knockout JS, quick and secure process payment at ease with multiple payment methods, connect with other extensions to strengthen your retail system power and make your customers happy.

  1. Magento 2 Gift Card extension

Gift Card extension works as a system providing gift card or certificates’ templates for your store to give them to customers. Gift Card Extension offers store owner to choose perfect eye-catching gift card template among the 3 samples. It also creates unlimited gift card forms with different prices then allow store owner to set price with these modes: fixed price, price range, price dropdown. Gift Card extension can integrated well with most themes, templates and checkout pages.

  1. Magento 2 Affiliate Plus

Making money online then you had to know about affiliate program, Affiliate extension come with the aim of setting up one for your store. With only standard version of affiliate, you can set commision, discount and payout easily. Beside that, your store management will not a problem because of banner and link management system. Want to pay fast? Ok with Affoliate Plus: Pay per sale, Paypal Mass Pay, Multiple Payment methods, all in on in this extension.

  1. Reward Point Magento 2

May be you don’t recognize but having loyalty customers in hand is the most important priority. Reward Point for Magento 2 should be installed to “keep in touch” with your customers and call them back sometimes. All reward point would be set, customers would get them, your store would manage rate for earning and spending these kind of currency. You can also control it easily by importing and exporting information to CSV File.

  1. Store Locator Magento 2

Your store couldn’t be too hard to find, it should have detailed guide on map, Store Locator will help you. With nice and friendly interface, each of your store will be filtered by tags: product line, style,etc. Customers can check distance, zipcode and state to find out which is the nearest store. Far more than this, all the information that customers need about your store: images, open time, special days, specials sale,… they can find them on facebook with comment box too….


Don’t forget to check out those amazing extensions for your store if you are using Magento or even planning on building store with Magento. Your business has never been easy and perfect with technology. We just need your idea and your passion to take action!


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