6 most important reasons why you should choose Magento for your E-commerce Website

It can not be denied that there are a large number of well-known companies who use Magento such as Lenovo, Fort Nike, Nestle, Fox Connect, Olympus, Sam Sung, etc. It is the reason why Magento has become the most popular CMS for e-commerce. In order to see more clearly, we can have a look the chart below about the distribution of platforms to compare them.

Magento Market Share - April 2014

The market share of Magento is approximately 26%, compared with other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. The large scale adoption and popularity shouldn’t obviously be without 7 strong reasons.  

1. Open Source

The most important reason it that Magento is open source and free. You can install, alter and use Magento Community Edition in any manner you like. You also can supercharge the Magento code and enhance the power of your the e-commerce website with new and amazing features and desired functionality by installing Magento extensions. All of them are made by Magestore marketplace that helps you to install more conveniently and quickly.

2. Built for E-Commerce

Although WordPress also can use to build e-commerce website, it does not have enough power to make the best e-commerce site for businesses. The reason is that Magento scores over ‘Wordpress + WooCommerce’ and ‘Drupal + Drupal Commerce’ combos. This e-commerce solution comes preloaded with scores of features and specs needed to put up a functional e-commerce website.

3. Support for Mobile Commerce

It is clear that Mobile commerce is the newest trend in the modern world. People tend to use the application in the mobile because of its convenience. Both Community and Enterprise editions of Magento e-commerce CMS are now incorporating multiple HTML5 capabilities, thus ensuring provision of superior mobile shopping experiences.

4. High Performance

Page load speed effects on not only the number of visits but also the website ranking when searching engine. A few hundred milliseconds of delay in processing user requests can literally kill an e-commerce website’s potential to convert site visitors into customers. Magento is the best solution for these problems because with high-end caching techniques such as Varnish and other DB optimization techniques, it leaves e-commerce enterprises with no complaints.

5. Easy Integrations

It is very easy to integrate with a multitude of third-party services including payment gateways, database applications, shipping, shipment tracking etc. Moreover, it is already associated with Google Base, Google Checkout and Google Analytics.

6. SEO Friendly

In order to get the top ranking of searching engine, the platform also supports the companies to do SEO activities for your e-commerce business. To be more specific, Magento is a highly SEO-friendly content management system. It has a number of SEO features such as search engine friendly URLs, sitemaps, layered navigation, URL rewrites, meta tags, descriptions etc.


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