Time management tips for retail managers


Having a job as retail manager is something to be proud of. Taking this job, however, means being put under a lot of pressure. The title may be too small to include all the other things you have to do besides store manager, from salesperson, stock clerk, cashier, accountant, in-house psychologist to employee-conflict mediator. You find yourself being tangled in a hundred different directions at once and struggling to figure out how to cut down an hour’s worth of work into just half an hour’s time. Things will flow more smoothly when you can start each day being clearly aware of what needs to be accomplished today and making sure that everything is still under contrlol. Effective time management becomes one of the key solutions to this kind of trouble.

Top 5 Time Management Tips

  • Prioritizing :Start every week or even every day, by listing out all the work and personal tasks and putting them in your time frame. Now the more important thing is to prioritize the items on your list, indentify which needs tackling first, which comes later. If you don’t get them all done, at least you got the more relevant.
  • Specializing : A proper destination is also a kind of motivation. Setting daily sales goal is a great way to start a business day. Then give everyone you’re working with their own sales goal. By this way, you can speed up the process and also focus on your primary job : sales building
  • Cultivating:One of the most typical time-wasters is answering the same trivial questions over and over again from subordinates : “Where does this go?” “How much is this?” “How do I ring this up?” Such things coming up means you haven’t trained your employees adequately.The way out now is to make time for staff training in your weekly to-do list until all of them can catch up with the cycle.
  • Zoning :Email, phone calls, social network updates and things like that can take away from you quite a great amount of time to  deal with. Instead of making immediate reply to such things whenever they come up, just simply schedule a certain time each day to respond all at once and stick to it. The point is setting time for each job category rather than trying to face up everything simultaneously and end up in a mess.
  • Reviewing :People will be likely to work more effectively and take more responsibilty when they are rewarded and recognized. Be sure you make time to praise your staff and show your acknowledgement towards them. This can also reduce their stress and burden at work mentally. Even if they’re on commission, your employees still need to hear you say, “You did a great job, and I appreciate your hard work.”

Seizing control of your time requires changing certain aspects of your habits and attitude, that can be uncomfortable.

But if you can practice these five time management tips routinely for a while, you’ll find that you are improving the performance of the whole operation – and guiding it profitability with less stress.


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